Bat Monitoring Program

Citizen science program to monitor bat populations based on a joint effort by a widespread network of volunteers coordinated by the Natural Science Museum of Granollers.

This initiative includes 4 different protocols: the ChiroRivers, the ChiroHabitats, the ChiroBoxes and the ChiroRoosts. Each one of them has been specifically designed for monitoring a certain group of bat species, either forest-dwelling, cave-dwelling or urban-dwelling species. The combination of all 4 monitoring programs provides a complete image of the health status of all bat species populations.

If you would like to participate chose a program and contact us for further information!


Monitoring of bat species present in aquatic ecosystems, used as ecological Indicators of water and riparian forest quality.



Monitoring of bat species in all kind of habitats using passive acoustic monitoring.



Monitoring of bat species that use artificial roosts such as bat boxes.



Monitoring of bat colonies in natural or artificial roosts such as caves, mines, tunnels, churches or buildings.


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Send us your sightings!

If you find a bat at home, in a cave, church or grounded, or you identify it through your acoustic detectors, do not hesitate to send us the record! This information is important to complement our distribution data of the species of Catalonia. If possible, take a picture or send us the recording so we can identify it. Thank you so much!

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